A for allwhite summerstyle

D for Dior morni

L for let`s go to the beach

Ok, in my case it`s more park than beachlife these workingday`s, but still - it`s SUNNY outside :D

Have a good one!

C for candy sightseeing with lilsis

I just had the most amazing days with my lilsis here in Trondheim, such a luck that we share the obsession with fancy colorful food, haha! Relax peeps, we did a lot of other things in addition to this crazy candyshopping as well. Like walking in a fashionshow for bogart.Cosmo for example, that was so much fun!

R for rose gold


Bag Gucci, pants weekday, belt Gucci, shirt H&M, shades Prada, shoes Din sko.

G for Gucci newin

B for back to the `70s

A for amazing Dolce & Gabbana

Pics from thefashionography.com

How amazing is Dolce & Gabbana, like...every season!? The patterns, the unique pices and the over-the-top looks topped with "familyportrait" campaign pictures makes me wanna move to Italy and start a big family every time. All dressed up in Dolce, of course ;)

Absolutely L.O.V.E it!

S for sunny day off

Woohoo, finally some sun here in Norway! Let`s go to the park, people :D

A for allblack classic

T for the colors of Istanbul

As you may already know, I really love travelling the world. So right now I`m watching the rainy skies here in Norway and browsing some of my travel pictures from Istanbul, trying to color up my life a little. Hope you enjoi them as well!DSC_5526DSC_5528DSC_5539DSC_5684DSC_5633DSC_5999DSC_6001

S for something old, something new


W for white it up


The weather in Trondheim is really shitty and cold these days, but you still have to dress for summer, right?

M for monster newin

Sooo in love with this hairy little thing!

H for hint of pink

Bag Gucci, pants River Island, scarf Dior, Shirt BikBok, Jacket H&M, shoes YSL.

R for red on my mind


Finally!!! Schools out and I`m back like a shark attack with blogging on top of my list of priorities. I had to put a lot of my exciting projects on hold while I was busy with exam prep, familytime and illness on top of everything.

Happy weekend, peeps :)

M for morningbliss at casa Kollshaugen

I am spending a few days at this beautiful place on the top of Gjvik and I can`t think of any place more suited for exam prepping. Let me just put it this way: There`s nooooo distractions... exept from shopping on Gucci.com though.Ooops.

G for grey flare

So in love with my new grey knit set, it`s supercomfy and perfect for travelling as well.


F for family portrait


I am really starting to realise I have a pathological thing for dark colors... is it just me?

S for summer pastels


My life is so crazy right now with exams, planning and packing everything ready for when I`m moving to Oslo. Still.. you have to enjoi a beautiful sunset, right?

I for it`s finally my birthday

Today I woke up to the smell of coffee and pancakes with strawberries, my boyfriend really scored some points there! Now it`s time to open some amazing presents from Dior :D

Have a good one!

S for sunset garden

Sneakers Chanel, Pants Zara, Shades Prada, Faux fur H&M.

A for all Dior

This year, all of my birthdaypresents are from Dior. Can`t wait to open them on monday! Even though I picked them out myself it`s still just as exciting :D

P for parisienne chic

Shades Prada,bag Prada, dress and jacket Zara.

D for Dior day in Paris

Jeez, what an amazing day! Almost my entire day was spent at the Dior Paris Head office and boutique. There I really got to expirence the brand, learn about the collections and get to know the unique history behind the lines in the different departments. Christian Dior is a fashion house with so many interesting design details that goes way back in history to the time Mr Dior was alive. It`s amazing how they have been able to keep the essence of the brand alive all these years, and to get this total experience was just breathtaking. Unfortunately I won`t be able to show you my pictures, but I promise I will tell you more about it in detail later on!

Later on I did some sightseeing as well!


Thank you so much for having me Dior!

F for fashion sightseeing Paris

I have been to Paris several times already, so this time I wanted to do a different kind of sightseeing than the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame. First stop was a wonderful exhibition at Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Guerlain at 68 Champs-Elyses

Then I met up with a friens and we had tea at Guerlain`s tea salon, so chic.

They also had this beautiful exhibition on the top floor with all of the make-up, perfumes, accessories, jewlery and this wonderful white gown.

Today is another exciting day and I can`t wait to tell you more!

A for all set

Hodet mitt har vrt i Paris hele uken uansett, s n kjenner jeg at det virkelig begynner bli p tide sette seg p det flyet. I will kleep you posted bde p instagram og snapchat, @kaariineemk begge steder.

Au revoir!

A for Alexander McQueen

This cool pouch is just another one of the awesome pieces I got from Steen & Strm when I won their competition. Feel so lucky! And it`s perfect for keeping documents and schoolwork as well.

S for secret garden

Shades Prada, Dress and jacket Zara, shoes and bag Primark.

O for out and about in Cannes


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