I for Irresistible Me review

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sponsored productsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For a long time I`ve been wanting to try hair extensions, so when Irresisitible Me reached out to me and asked me to give it a try, I said yes. I didn`t want superlong hair,  just a little bit more thickness since I have very fine hair. As a newbie, I was overwhelmed about the clips and stuff, especially since my package came in so many piesces. But after some practice I managed juuuust fine. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I like that the extensions are made of human hair. That means I can use the same products and hair color I use on my own hair, since the extensions are made of natural fibers. Also, the color and texture of these extensions are so beautiful, and blended with my own hair the result looks really natural. And now, after testing them for a while, the conclusion is that I`m still happy with my hair extensions from Irresistible Me.

If you`re curious you can check out their webpage -> https://www.irresistibleme.com/

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