juni 2013

Y for yesterdays peach

M for moodboard

G for gold

M for M77 on the rainy days

C for casual with a touch of pink

O obsessed with Coco Noir

P for perfect basics

C for cape

S for snaps on a sunday

B for blue grunge

F for fringe

I for interesting and inspirational people

"Et Menneske er Et Menneske er Et Menneske" av Lisbeth Bang

S for scarf and sunset

P for print

S for simple and sunset

S for splash, summer, sushi and sunshine

B for burned brown all day long

B for blueberry blues

L for light, leather and lemon

D for date

I for inspiration

H for the highline, New York City

Ah, memories! I really loved that place... absolutely one of my favs in New York, and that says a lot because I really managed to get some favorites the two months i lived there

P for purple rain

T for Tim Walker

Pictures from: Vouge, "storytelling" by Tim Walker, Mulberry FW12 and Harpers Bazar That man`s work is absolutely amazing! I could look at his photos for hours...

G for glitter bomber jacket

C for coffe & chocolate

Today`s fashion inspiration

S for snooping around my sisters closet

That girl has some crazy cool stuff

P for present to myself

Told you I was obsessed with white leather. And whats a better occasion to buy someting nice than your birthday?

B for birthday

jeez, I`m getting old...